As with everything concerning the PAPEL ecosystem, also for PAPEL TV the principle from which we started is that of decentralization, freedom of movement, action, expression.
We were interested in creating a reality that was free from market logic, in which to feel at ease as users but also free to create content and grow without impositions from above. As for PAPELTOKEN, the starting concept is that of the redistribution of power and responsibilities, with a system that discourages large speculators, in the same way for PAPEL TV what we want is to give entertainment to the users, they will have to follow the regulations that in none of its parts will be ambiguous or incomprehensible, it will discourage, at the base, any kind of disparity. We want the service they will use to be efficient and equal, with a policy that can meet the needs of everyone to be respected but also to see their right to freedom of expression respected, without the possibility for the Team to act arbitrarily about the contents. We know how the restrictive policy of ban and permaban without appeal can be professionally harmful for creators who not only lose their profile but also the opportunity to participate in live shows of friends and colleagues, being forced to give up collaborations that are advantageous for the parties involved. This is why we want anyone who uses our platform to have all the information and tools in hand to prevent this from happening, without the possibility of misunderstandings and unfairness. We will create, with PAPEL TV, a system whereby contact with the team will be simple and intuitive, and each evaluation will be made in a transparent and reasoned way, with the possibility of open and constructive discussion, a policy that we apply to the reality of PAPEL in all its forms and from the first day.

PAPEL is a decentralized crypto project ONLY and does not conduct any independent diligence on or substantive review of any blockchain, digital currency, cryptocurrency or associated technology. Your use of this website and software is entirely at your own risk.

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