Ferrari giveaway rules

10 lucky winners for each month (every winner will get $ 10k PAPEL token per person).

The giveaway will be repeated for 3 months.

Method of awarding: live random draw on Twitch.

Prize-giving payment: within a maximum of 10 days of the draw

Prize delivery method: PAPEL token


  • Make a new purchase of at least $ 50 of PAPEL (even if you already own it) by 06/21/2021 23:00 GMT + 2, hold your PAPELs without making any sales
  • Follow @PAPELtoken @papelprofesor
  • Retweet of giveaway post
  • Join the international Telegram group
  • Keep the post proof (screenshots) that we will be verified and in case of victory forward them together with your wallet address via the same Twitter account you used to participate


Max one ticket of participation per person per month

Claim your prize within 48 hours of the draw, in case of precise assignment (you will lose the right to the prize)

Giveaway valid with the achievement of at least 5k participants.

In the event that 5k participants are not reached, but at least 1k participants, only 10 positions will be paid with 1k $ each.

Those who participated in the giveaway of the first month, will also be able to participate in the following two months only if they continue to hold their PAPEL without selling them.